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Jill Schiefelbein

20 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content for Publicity and Profit -  Being a one-trick pony does not lead to a thriving speaking business. Today's speakers need to be able to demonstrate proficiency on the platform and beyond. This session helps speakers examine and leverage their existing content into products, promotions, and profits that can lead to more opportunities for engagement.

September 15th


Dawnna St. Louis

The Craveable Keynote Formula -  Does your keynote get 3-4 referrals from the stage or just 3-400 selfies?

 Yeah! I wasnít even getting the selfies until I figured out the formula that made my message craveable, shareable, and highly referable!

My name is Dawnna St Louis. Besides being the owner of Biz-On-FIre.com; I am an international keynote speaker that now gets more referrals per speech than ever before. My keynote was killer.  My delivery was divine. And still I was hustling for every single engagement until I made some very simple and strategic changes to a very good message.

The Craveable Keynote Formula took three years to figure out and was developed to do one thing - sell the next engagement (or 3) without selling a thing!


Patrick Allmond

How to build a lean, mean lead-generating machine -  You've heard him on the webinar. He's our Winter co-chair. And he's coming into town like the Kool-Aid man after drinking three Red Bulls. Marketing is life. The amount of success in your business is determined by the number of people that know, like and trust you. Come join Patrick and learn about his three cardinal rules for marketing along with the five digital marketing maturity levels so you know where you are right now and what you should be working on next. You are going to walk away with a virtual light bulb over your head and a crystal clear understanding of what you should be working on next. One of the constant comments Patrick receives is ìOh I finally get itî when it comes to his presentations..



Deborah Gardner

Meeting Industry News: Future Trends, Challenges & You! - LISTEN UP SPEAKERS, AUTHORS, CONSULTANTS, TRAINERS AND COACHES! Economically, technological, politically and other factors are changing the way you do business. And, all you want to do is out-smart, out maneuver others so you own that space. Well, that's not going to happen. Unless, you attend this jam-packed information session and find out the real facts about those that hire you. If you're serious about being successful today, kick off the New Year by hearing the truth straight from the horse's mouth, someone that lives in the meetings world that directly understands the relationship between you and the decision maker. Explore the internal and external factor that is impacting the economic environment, meeting design and content delivery. Take a look at why knowing more about the meetings industry is important to your career and how to get involved in the process. Discover how to modernize your 2019 business strategies from Deborah's on-going extensive meeting industry interview process and insightful perspective from those that hire you.

Michelle Villalobos

Elizabeth McCormick

Ramon Ray

Annual Gala Event - Come back soon to see who is going to presenting at our next event

Sam Richter

Every Sales YES, Begins with a KNOW: Web Search Secrets to Help You Grow Your Speaking Business - There are more professional speakers than at any time in history and most of them are very good. To succeed, you need to constantly find new opportunities and ensure relevancy in every sales communication..


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