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Colleen Sweeney is the founder of Sweeney Healthcare Enterprises, and she’s on a mission to transform healthcare. Colleen conceived and conducted the Patient Empathy Project, a three year research study. During this research, she discovered that 96% of all patients have serious fears about health care, coining the term Clinicaphobia to describe the phenomenon. Colleen put this finding to use, developing the Patient Experience Pyramid as a tool for healthcare teams to uncover and respond to patient fears. She’s identified the Top 11 Patient Fears and collected astonishing artwork from the Patient Empathy Postcard Project. Colleen is a member of the National Speakers Association and a Certified Facilitator with the Tom Peters Company, and holds degrees in nursing and business, and a master’s certificate in project management. Colleen attributes much of her success to an earlier career in improvisational comedy, which taught her to build enthusiasm, think differently about the work she does and help audiences realize the power of possibility which exists within them.

Colleen Sweeny, RN,BS


Recognizing patient fears… Exercising empathy


Leadership and Accountability




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