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Dan Gentry is the President and CEO of Third Power Performance, a life transformational company focusing on helping high achievers accomplish even more while maintaining life balance. He has a background in software and systems development and has been in management positions for Fortune 1000 and Fortune 10 companies. Dan owns several companies including a technology company and an insurance agency. He is also a decorated Air Force veteran.

Dan has melded his expertise in systems, corporate and entrepreneurial business, and his 30+ years of self-improvement to create the Life Triad system. A simple, powerful and most importantly replicatable system for achieving amazing success and maintaining life balance at the same time.

Over the past 10 years, Dan has been helping companies from the Fortune 10 to one-person entrepreneurs create success and Life Balance. He has helped large virtual telecommuting teams create cohesion, small company teams deal with overload and individual business owners recover their sense of purpose.

Dan lives in Central Florida with his wife and two boys.

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