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Stressful interactions can be minimized at work or home so that focus remains on productive goals. Ever notice how problems at work add to stressors at home, and vice versa? One often loses clarity when personal, emotional issues absorb our mental energies, thus contaminate workplace and personal interactions. Learn how to clarify emotions before one reacts, allow for a reality check to identify if you are ego driven, or ego ridden. Either extreme can be remedied to enhance workplace and personal interactions for ultimate fulfillment.


As an International Speaker / Consultant Psychologist across disciplines, Dr Ferrara has a wealth of experience and unique insight on inter- relations and heightened personal awareness. Regardless of perceived life challenges, constructive meaningful reactions are possible. Through humorous examples and presentation style, Dr. Ferrara demonstrates effective communications at work or home, after all when it comes to the human reaction,


Felicia Ferrara Ph.D.

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