May 19

May 19, 2018
8:30 AM - Networking

9 AM - 12:30 PM
Meeting Event

1 PM - 2:30 PM
Business Acceleration Lab

1 PM - 4:30 PM
Speakers Academy


Sheraton Tampa East Hotel

 10221 Princess Palm Ave, Tampa 33610

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Joel Block

Stop Hustling Gigs
and Start Building a Business

Joel says businesses are machines that generate money. And he asks, “does your business make the money or are you doing all the work?”

Unfortunately, most speakers are doing all the work. And that’s a bummer because not many businesses are more exciting than the speaking business yet a successful career in speaking eludes many aspirants – and there are many reasons for this. The overwhelming reason for speaking business failure is a failure to run your speaking business like the most successful businesses. But that stops as soon as you Stop Hustling Gigs and Start Building a Business.

Great businesses have recurring revenue; they tend not to be dependent on their owners; they are crystal clear in their messaging about the cause, mission and vision of the enterprise; and the best ones can be sold to a buyer. No wonder speakers struggle. But you can build a great speaking business - one that you can depend on to financially take care of you and your family long into the future.

Your takeaways from this program will include exposure to ideas and approaches that will help you catapult your speaking business in ways you cannot imagine. For example, Joel will share:

For example, Joel will share:

  • How to convey your message fast – while avoiding the pitfalls that sink 99% of your competitors.
  • His formula to develop many streams of revenue from your core business strategy.
  • The 3 magic words that will change the trajectory of your business and career.
  • A way of looking at business that is so simple, it will make your day-to-day tasks obvious and crystal clear
  • His formula for grabbing any prospect’s attention in under 10 seconds
  • Multiple sure-fire ways to increase your sales “batting average”.
  • 7 critical questions to ask that will make your business bullet-proof yet ready for growth

This program moves fast some come ready to have your mind expanded in ways you can’t imagine! And to make sure we have some fun, every attendee will leave the program with a valuable, gift from Joel.

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