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Pilar is a successful bilingual (Spanish/English) international speaker. On the platform she is interactive, fun and versatile with the audience. She delivers an inspirational, powerful message that motivates the audience to take action, change their mindset and empower others. She offers two dynamic speeches:

“Cross Cultural Awareness: Connecting with Latinos” is a guided path for companies to understand, connect and build important relationships between the different countries in Latin America and/or the United States.

“Reinventing Yourself” is her inspirational speech about overcoming obstacles and finding the best of you in any circumstance with positive attitude to live every day to the fullest.

As an experienced journalist, she has left her mark as news director for Univision, participation in Telemundo and CNN Latino. Also, she has been chosen to co-host the Voices of Experience for National Speaker Association. She is the first Hispanic Female to be hosting the podcast.

Her 25 years of expertise includes working with many clients as a spokesperson (media, institutional videos and social media). As speaker, she delivers her keynote, workshops and trainings. As a presentation skills and media/video coach, she has helped hundreds of executives, professional speakers and entrepreneurs to build confidence and enhance their strengths to succeed to their fullest potential in front of a live audience, a microphone or a camera.

She is very active in the community as a former president of Hispanic Professional Women Association, a mentor of up and coming leaders and a member of the National Speakers Association.

Proud receiver of the following awards:

2014 Tampa Hispanic Woman of the Year (Tampa Hispanic Heritage Inc.)

2014 Rosita Perez Spirit Award (NSA Central Florida Chapter)

Simon Bolivar Award - Highest award in journalism in Colombia

Ondas Award (Premio Ondas) – Best TV show

Woman in Media Award (Tampa Hispanic Heritage Inc.)

One of ten Movers and Shakers in Tampa Bay

Pilar Ortiz

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