Speakers' Academy

Now accepting applications for our next Academy start date. 
Programs begin in February and August each year..

The Academy meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month. (excluding December and July)

Your investment includes: Chapter dues, entry to Chapter meeting from 9:00 am to 12 noon, and Academy Only sessions from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. for a full day of the best, clear and concise tips and tools to start or enhance your speaking/training/coaching career!


* Speakers Academy Students shall not be entitled to any refund of dues or other fees once the course has begun.

Carole Gill



NSA Central Florida President Randy Kiern

Carolyn Quintin


Claudia Virga



NSA Central Florida President Randy Kiern
NSA Central Florida President Randy Kiern

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  • Welcome to the Speakers' Academy                                                                  ^

    Do you have the desire to make a difference in someone’s life?


    Do you have the desire to make a difference in YOUR life?


    Do you want to become a Professional Speaker?


    Speaker’s Academy is a program designed to offer aspiring speakers a set of skills and strategies which are needed to become successful professional speakers. Potential participants are professionals who desire to earn all or a significant portion of their income through speaking, coaching and/or consulting.

    The curriculum comprises ten modules developed by a blue ribbon panel of the most successful NSA members from across the country. We tap into the resources of our chapter by having a different, seasoned member deliver each module.

    The 10 modules are:


    1.  Introductory Module
    2. Professional Awareness
    3. Topic Development
    4. Platform Mechanics
    5. Presenting and Performing
    6. Authorship & Product Development
    7. Sales and Marketing
    8. Managing the Business
    9. Professional Relationships
    10. Speaking Skills, putting it all together


    Workbook will be provided. The content of each session combines the respective NSA material with the particular skills and experiences of that month’s presenter who has been chosen for his/her expertise. The presentation order of the modules may be changed to meet the needs of the participants.  In order to graduate from Speakers Academy, participants must achieve several objectives (e.g. setting up and populating a website, creating a one-sheet, preparing a demo video) essential to operating a successful speaking business.

    Chart your own course for speaking success based on your unique goals and aspirations.


    Develop the four core competencies of the professional speaker.


    Gain powerful and practical insights from professional speakers who are practicing what you are learning.


    Learn how to adapt your speaking skills to the strong currents of change dominating the speaking and training environment.


    Build lasting relationships with other Academy attendees,
    NSA Chapter members, and guest speakers.

  • How can I get Started?

    Your Investment in the Speakers' Academy is twofold:


    1. A commitment of time to complete all the modules, attend the meetings and meet the goals of the program.
    2. Meet pre-requisites – deliver a minimum of 3 speeches or training programs (for Free or Fee) in the past 12 months.  This excludes speaking groups (such as Toastmasters).
    3. Complete an application online  APPLICATION
    4. Make first payment ENROLLMENT


    This amount covers all the benefits of the Speakers' Academy plus attendance at the ten regular NSA-CF chapter meetings. Here you experience presentations by some of the best presenters the National Speaker Association has to offer and you get to interact with a wide range of accomplished professional speakers from the Central Florida area.


    How soon can I get started?

    The Speakers' Academy start dates are August or February.


    What do I do next?

    Complete a Speakers' Academy Application online (click here).  Upon approval of your application, we will send you further instructions regarding payment.



    Please call  or Email Academy Dean



    NSA Central Florida President Randy KiernCarolyn Quintin, Dean

     (727) 692-4467

    or email her at


  • What are the Benefits of Joining?                                                                         ^

    This amount covers all the benefits of the Speakers Academy plus attendance at the ten regular NSA-CF chapter meetings. Here you experience presentations by some of the best presenters the National Speaker Association has to offer and you get to interact with a wide range of accomplished professional speakers from the Central Florida area.


    What if you could be a part of an elite group that would be with you while your career blossomed? Would you be willing to put forth a little effort? Would you be willing to reap the benefits?


    Whether you are a beginning speaker, a moderately busy speaker, or the speaker
    who travels the globe selectively choosing clients from the many requests, wouldn't you like to take your career to that next level? Listed are a few of the many benefits of the Speaker’s Academy:


    • Learn how to get the clients that you want.
    • Get a grasp on the power of your speaking voice and the damage you may be doing to it.
    • Learn how to keep the customers you have once you have them.
    • Practice new topic formulation and development with your own private brainstorming session.
    • Learn how to negotiate a better fee and wiggle out of tight budget objections.
    • Market yourself to market over and over and over again AND on the Internet.
    • Learn how to run a business out of your office, or your closet, in an organized, professional manner.


    The NSA-CF Speaker’s Academy isn't just a foot in the door; it's a hand up, a mentor, a mini-mastermind, your own private network, a training class, a practice session, and the key to building your speaking business to the level you desire.

  • Testimonials

    Take a look at what Academy
    Members have to say…


    “I'm learning to position myself as a professional speaker--quite a different mindset than how I approached my speaking previously. This includes my presentation style, setting fees, promoting my speaking, developing a signature speech, and so much more. Plus, I get to mix and mingle with some of the best speakers in the country! The mentors and guides along the way are fantastic. It's a great opportunity to grow! I love the high energy of this group.”


    Kathleen M. Rehl, Ph.D., CFP®

    Academy Member

    Author, “Moving Forward on Your Own:
    A Financial Guidebook for Widows”





    “I now know how to create a profitable and successful speaking business because of what I learned from the Speakers’ Academy.”


    Jenny Olding

    Academy Member




    “I realize that making better business decisions and how to best use my time have come from what I’ve learned in the Speakers’ Academy. I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn next!”


    Holly Thomas

    Academy Member





    “The Academy has helped my business grow from just thoughts in my head to something I can now put on paper and build. I don’t know where I’d be without it.”


    Rachael Avery

    Academy Member



    “I knew I could speak reasonably well, but I didn’t know much about the business side of professional speaking. Because of the Academy, I’ve learned more than I ever imagined.”


    Jordan Camenker

    Academy Member



    “The Academy has been an absolute wellspring for me. It has taught me a step-by-step method of how to get paid for professional speaking.”


    Carson Schaffer

    Academy Member

  • Contacts, Location and Directions

    Please address any questions about our Academy to,

     Carolyn Quintin.






    Academy Location and Directions

    The Speaker’s Academy will meet at:

    Sheraton (Formerly Crowne Plaza Tampa East)

    10221 Princess Palm Avenue

    Tampa, FL 33610



    Located off I-75 at MLK Blvd.

    From I-75 N, exit 260b, over bridge, hotel on left inside business park.

    From I-75 S, exit 260, bear right, immediate left into business park and hotel.


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