Deans Application

Our chapter is seeking a new Dean to replace our current Dean Carolyn Quintin since she is retiring from the role after several years of service. It is an ex-officio Board Member position and will be appointed after interviews are complete and a qualified candidate is brought forward.


You must be a Professional member of NSA and a chapter member of NSACF in good standing to apply. You must embrace the chapter mission, vision, ethics and diversity policy and live the spirit of Cavett. You will demonstrate NSA competencies and ethics in your speaking business. The new Dean must have prior involvement with our Speakers Academy. The Dean will lead the Academy team composed of the Associates Deans, Board liaison, faculty, mentors and other volunteers. The new Dean will enhance each Academy participant’s experience through operations including logistics, customization of the Speakers Academy curriculum, and annual Academy schedule and meetings. Marketing and admissions are a major part of the job as is profit and loss accountability to the Board.

The role of the DEAN of the Speakers Academy is available through the link. For those interested in applying, the application is to be completed ON LINE so it goes into our system. The new Dean will shadow Carolyn for several months before taking the reigns full time.

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