Diversity & Inclusion

The communities within the Central Florida region have experienced dramatic demographic shifts over the past decade, becoming more diverse than ever before. These shifts will continue into 2030 and will have a significant impact in our society, our workplaces, and our association.

We define diversity as differences and similarities, including but not limited to individual characteristics such as:




National origin

Political affiliation

Socio-economic status

Military/veteran status


Gender, gender identity, or expression




Sexual orientation

Thinking styles

…or any other category protected by local, state, and federal regulations, ordinances, and statutes.


Inclusion is a strategy in which to leverage diversity. Diversity always exists, but inclusion must be created. Diversity must be an action. Therefore, in order to achieve inclusiveness, an environment must be created where all people, particularly people from traditionally underrepresented groups (i.e., women, people of color, people with different abilities, etc.), feel supported, listened to, valued, and able to do and become their personal best.

With this in mind, the National Speakers Association Central Florida Chapter seeks to position ourselves for the future by taking more proactive measures in our Diversity & Inclusion (D & I) efforts.

We recognize that by creating the kind of environment—one that is welcoming, inclusive, empowering, and respectful—we open the door for greater collaboration, creativity and innovation, increased participation, an elevated sense of community, and belonging for all. We endeavor to be a model for other chapters engaged in D & I initiatives.

In order to achieve this, the National Speakers Association Central Florida Chapter will provide leadership, commitment of time, and resources to attracting, reflecting, and valuing diversity and inclusion in the following areas:

Programming will reflect diversity of speakers, topics, and events—in chapter and Academy meetings, as well as on- and off-site chapter programs and events.

Membership — our goal is to increase our members in underrepresented groups (currently, in Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and African American, etc.) both in professional members and Academy members.

Board and Committee representation

Marketing/publications (including social media, website, newsletters, and brochures)

Access/accommodations for people with disabilities