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Get More Gigs By Branding Yourself and Leveraging Your Content and the Media

  • How can I get invited to speak on more stages?
  • How can I get event organizers and others to chase me down instead of me chasing them down?
  • How can I get more media attention for my business?
  • How can I leverage digital content to improve my personal brand?

As professional speakers, these are just a few questions we ask in our constant quest to help and educate more people about the areas we are experts in.

Join Ramon Ray, global speaker, best selling author, founder of four companies (one of which he sold) and maker of the best burnt pancakes in his home, as he shares the best practices tips and insights heís used to be one of the most sought after small business influencers.

The topics Ramon will share include:

How To Use Social Media To Build Your Personal Brand
Ramon will share his tips and work flow in content production, amplification, and overall using content to build your speaking business.

How To Build Your Brand Using Events, Media Publicity and More
Ramon will share how heís use a core foundation of events, publicity, content and more to grow his personal brand. Heíll share how YOU can be a sought after celebrity in your field of expertise (and beyond)

How To Get Media Attention
Getting air time on TV, featured as a commentator on radio and etc is a POWERFUL way to strengthen your credibility and extend your brandís reach. Ramonís been in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Fox Business, WCBS Radio and more – and heíll share how heís been able to do this – over and over again.

BUSINESS IMPLEMENTATION LAB BONUS – Ramon will also give a break down of how he uses ASANA, Soundcloud, Adobe Premiere Video Editing and other tools to streamline his content production.

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About Ramon Ray

Ramon has shared the stage with Seth Godin, Daymond John, Guy Kawasaki, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk, and other celebrity entrepreneurs.

He's interviewed President Obama in the President's first live Google Hangout, taken a selfie with Ivanka Trump and interviewed many of the sharks and contestants on Shark Tank. Although Ramon has interviewed and shared the stage with many celebrity entrepreneurs, his passion and biggest professional accomplishment is interviewing "main street" small business owners and entrepreneurs and sharing their stories.

Ramon is not just an ivory tower geek, but as a former technology consultant, he has hands-on experience in a variety of technologies including social media, mobile computing, computer networks, online software and more.

Ramon's expertise is technology, marketing, sales, business startup and growth and his favorite is personal branding. Over his extensive career, Ramon has written thousands of articles, spoken to thousands of business owners and impacted hundreds of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs to help their businesses thrive.

Get to know Ramon better here.


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