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Saturday, September 19, 2020 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm


Quit Calling ‘em Webinars and a Dozen Other Strategies for Making More Money

Webinars, webcasts, virtual presentations. Whatever you call them, speakers have a big problem: Prospective buyers are as (or more!) confused about how to buy your virtual services as you are in selling them. Here’s the good news: It’s not only possible to make money with webinars, you’re going to learn from the world’s first-ever speaker to make a million dollars doing it.
Presenting online – versus presenting in-person – brings its own set of challenges and opportunities.  You don’t have to fret about getting to the airport early, but it helps to learn new tricks about how to engage your audience…when you’re not in the same room.
Come Prepared with questions and concerns. Roger will design his interactive program to specifically address your needs. What are your concerns? What is keeping you from making more money with virtual presentations?
Join Roger Courville, CSP, Chief Content Officer at EventBuilder.com and author of The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook to jumpstart your success when pricing, packaging, and positioning the virtual part of your business for maximum monetary impact.
Attend this event to learn:
  • The unspoken objection you will ALWAYS face and how to overcome it
  • 2 things that must change in your contracts (if you want more money, that is)
  • The single greatest key to messaging that will differentiate your offer
  • 3 ways to make more revenue per client
  • The difference between webinars, webcasts, virtual classrooms, and hybrid events
  • When you should – and shouldn’t – consider virtual presentations for client engagements
IMPORTANT: This session is not a 101-level class about how web conferencing works. If you have never used web conferencing as a presenter (sitting in the audience of a webinar doesn’t count!), it is recommended you
  • Sign up for a free trial of two services (Suggestions: Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, Adobe Connect, AnyMeeting, ClickMeeting)
  • Invite a friend to join you for a few minutes. Twice (once each with a different platform)

NOTE: Registration will be cut off at 12 noon on  Friday, September 18th

This event will be held on ZOOM. In light of the updates that ZOOM has made recently, please make sure to update your ZOOM account.

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About Roger Courville, CSP

I’ve been called the Michael Jordan of online presentations and virtual classes (which, with four bucks, will get you a latte at Starchucks).

Most of the time, though, I’m a just an exceedingly normal guy who speaks, trains, consults, and writes about psychosocial effectiveness when communicating via web/audio/video conferencing (e.g., webinars/web seminars, virtual presentations, webcasts, virtual classrooms, livestreams, et al).

A veteran of the conferencing industry (since the modem days of 1999), I’ve taught tens of thousands people worldwide, and I’ve reached tens of thousands more with writing appearances, interviews, and while sitting in airports.

My 2008 white paper “Five Keys to Moving Training Online” won TrainingZone.co.uk’s Reader’s Choice Award for “Top Download of the Year.” My book The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook won a couple awards, too (free digital here).  Oh, and I’ve got speaking awards (Microsoft, National Speakers Association).

What else?

  • The central, driving question you will hear out of my mouth repeatedly is, “How do we take the best of human connectedness and translate that for virtual environments?”
  • I’m not a big fan of the word “webinar,” but may be just smart enough to use it on this blog for SEO purposes.
  • My future-thinking keynotes about trends, connectorship, and the impact of technology on relationship are more like pragmatic training sessions than “talk at you” keynotes.
  • I’ve host a lively non-commercial community of practice group on Facebook that’s 1900-members strong. Warning: I’m a momma bear when it comes to self-promoting stuff there, so if you’re looking for a place to advertise, just move along.
  • If you want to see the ‘professional’ journey that includes startups and Microsoft, catch me on LinkedIn.

Finally, I’m a keepin’-it-real kinda guy. I give credit where credit’s due and am happy to earn my keep with your crew.

Oh, and I always help people, whether there’s money involved or not. It’s part of how I give back. Give a ring and you won’t get a pitch for an invoice.



Tampa, FL United States

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