When I struggled in my business it was because I was “out of alignment”. Sounds kinda woo-woo but correcting that woo-woo issue created the kind of financial flow that my business needed.

Several years ago, I was doing what I thought I “should be” doing, which was what everyone else was doing. But those actions were not in alignment with who I was or what I believed. Everything felt harder than it should have. I knew I was an expert who had something amazing to offer my clients, but getting them to see, hear, or connect with me felt impossible. I felt like the best kept secret and it sucked.

I tried changing my marketing and social media to fit the “should be” mold and it still garnered nothing. It wasn’t until I changed my business actions to be in alignment with my business beliefs that things begin to flow.

But first I had to be very clear about my beliefs. Then let those beliefs drive everything else that I did… even (and especially) if those beliefs went against what the 99% believed. In fact, if my beliefs were different from theirs, I was probably on the right track; a scary track… but the right one.

OK! OK! I get it. Beliefs are a little woo-woo. And you might be wondering how beliefs show up in business and drive income. Well – I gotcha covered.

After delivering a class on “Define Your Business Beliefs”, I challenged my clients to write a post on LinkedIN sharing their business beliefs in a manifesto style post. I said, “You are likely to attract prospects who believe what you believe”. When people comment and like, connect with them through direct messages.

My clients, Dionnie Wynter-Pfunde – Wynter Immigration Law Academy Owner and Shanel Evans – Socially Savvy Strategist, followed the instructions to the letter.

Dionnie connected with one of the largest Immigration Law tech firms in the country and made end-roads with them. A week later Shanel said “Remember that post about beliefs??? Well, I connected with someone who I had lost touch with. We had a quick phone call that ended with a $15K contract! My ideal clients have connected, communicated, and signed up! I have 4 sales calls next week.”

That one post garnered over $45K in sales in less than a week.

At Fyrebrand we are clear about our beliefs and how they show up in business.

We believe in rebelling against the status quo to raise the bar. We believe in only working with clients who we absolutely love and who love what we do. We know that we can deliver 10x ROI, but we have to believe in you and what you do before we take you on as a client.

Six years ago we challenged the status quo in the area of coaching by aligning how we coach to our beliefs.

We knew that most coaches offered one hour per week of coaching… specific date; specific time; every week. That was the status quo… and we hated it.

I kept wondering, “but what if I had an emergency on Tuesday at 7pm, Wednesday at 3:30, or needed support on the weekend. What if I am really rocking it this week and can get more done than 1 hour call can support? I would want my coach to be there without tea-totaling every minute or charging me extra.”

I didn’t believe that “closed and rigid coaching” focused on client success; so I created an open coaching program called Common Sense Coaching.

Fyrebrand clients have full access to my calendar and cell phone. It is their responsibility to complete the business building activities, get support they want, and schedule time on my calendar. This means that Fyrebrand clients have the freedom to get guidance and support they want when they want it… and not just 1 hour per week.

I have talked with clients during my morning hikes, late at night, and over lunch. We have gone kayaking together; hung out on weekends; and stayed in mansions. Why? Because it is my responsibility to help them get more clients on demand by turning their high-value expertise into a high-profit business. I know that different environments deliver different game-changing results.

Other coaches ask “what if” questions that stop them from creating this type of calendar and experience. Like, “What if someone abuses the schedule? or What if I don’t like the client?”

Well, first we only work with clients we absolutely love. Second, it is called Common Sense for a reason. If I have to change the guideline in which client’s can schedule because of one person’s behavior, I won’t change the guideline but I will change the client. After all, a client who doesn’t have common sense is likely not my ideal client.

When business feels too difficult or like you have to fight for every single win, it could be that your beliefs are out of alignment with your business.

If you want to stop chasing gigs and discounting your fees; if you want to create the kind of flow in your business that turns your expertise into an endless and recurring revenue generating engine, then check out Fyrebrand.net. Join the Bootcamp! Coming April 2022. https://www.fyrebrandbootcamp.com/home