Does this sound familiar?

“Funnels, lead pages, and groups don’t work.”

“I don’t have a lot of sales calls. The phone just doesn’t ring”

“Social Media is a serious waste of time and money.”

Those were my words… every week… for several months. Like most professionals with high-value expertise, I was trying the latest and greatest strategy and getting no real results.

This made no sense. I built a super successful business selling tech, so why was this new entrepreneurial journey kicking my ass?

It was like I had a full-time job without a consistent paycheck. It wasn’t until I decided to stop copying the 99% and started acting like the 1% that things changed.

Free groups were gone.

Email lists were emptied.

Premium content was delivered only to premium clients. And my 6-week programs turned into mid-6-figure weeks.

So what did I change?

I added consumer financing to make it easier for my ideal client to work with me (and excuse free). And then I treated my business like a private club not a public park.

Most entrepreneurs brag about having thousands in their group. They open the doors and let everyone in. They may limit it to a demographic based on gender, but usually that is where the exclusivity ends. After a while, it is not uncommon to hear complaint that members are unresponsive to invitations, offers, and opportunities. Members complain that they stop responding because their voices can’t be heard among the masses.

I decided to do something a little different. Instead of chasing the numbers, I created an exclusive group with an application process. Then I only allowed my ideal client to get in – no tire kickers or lurkers. There is a premium to join; but that premium gives them access to money-making solutions.

Berta Aldrich, a premium member, brags that her access to expert solutions, income-producing introductions, and content tailored to her business has helped her tremendously.

To make this group valuable for me and my clients, I worked to find 2 ideal clients per week. Each came with amazing expertise and the willingness to share that expertise with the community. Within 3 months I crushed my first $100K goal and served some very happy clients.

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