Do you want to be happy in your speaking, training or coaching business? I mean, that sounds like a silly question, who wouldn’t want to be, right?

For me, the dream was that I would have a fantastic business that was joyful and purposeful. I would look forward to the work that I would get to do every single day. I would be happy, fulfilled, and feel a deep sense of satisfaction with my contribution to man and womankind.

One problem, though, I didn’t know what “happiness” in my career meant. But as the Type A, over-achiever person that I was, I set out to figure it out. Well, that wasn’t so easy. The more I tried to be happy in my business, the more I felt deeply dissatisfied and disconnected. It was like happiness was hiding from me, and I couldn’t understand why.

Then I had a breakthrough.

My happiness in my business was there all along, waiting patiently for me, and I didn’t realize it. Here are 3 tips to help happiness catch up with you too.

  1. Pay attention. On some level, you know what will allow you to BE happy in your business because it comes from within. It’s not external to you where someone or something “makes” you happy. Pay attention to how you feel in your work. What are you curious about? What do you enjoy doing? Focus on this new information and make different choices to experience your career in a way that makes you happier.
  2. Stop forcing it. I am the Queen of Hustle. I will buckle down and “make it happen,” but that’s not always the best advice for me because, after a while, it gets stressful. Hustle needs to happen to achieve your big goals, but you’ve also got to balance it with “flow.” Flow is when you are in that zone of doing what is right for you and allowing the results to happen. You know what you want, and you know what you need to do to achieve it. In flow, you trust the process. There is a different feeling of making or forcing something to happen and allowing it to happen because you are putting in the effort. Now, I’m not saying to take your foot off the gas pedal, but you don’t have to have it pressed to the floor the entire time.
  3. Get curious. Here was the biggest epiphany! I’d never spent any time figuring out what I wanted. I just knew what I didn’t want. I had no idea what my values were around my business or what was important to me. So, how could those needs be met if they were never defined? What needs to be present for you in your career for you to be happy and fulfilled? Think about the specific instances where you were happy, motivated, or in the zone. What was going on? What specifically contributed to that experience and those feelings of satisfaction? There is always more for you to discover, and only YOU can define happiness for YOU.

I still have to remind myself of this process when I find myself feeling frustrated with my results. The frustration is now the trigger to realize that I need to slow down and embrace these techniques because happiness is trying to catch me.

Be good to yourself, and until next time, here’s wishing you the clarity you deserve!

You get to choose.

Here’s wishing you the Clarity you deserve!

Debbie Peterson