By now, hopefully you’ve pivoted to doing at least some virtual events. But maybe you want to up your game for your hybrid and virtual events and stand out from your peers and competition.

Physical Camera – If you want to stand out, don’t just use a webcam like everyone else. Instead, up your game with a DSLR camera. Sony, Canon and Nikon make excellent ones under $1000. Get one and use it alongside your web cam for an even better looking video.

Microphone – Sound quality matters for virtual, a lot. You could get Apple Air Pods Pro for a microphone and speakers in one, or you could use a Shure or R0de microphone and get an “invisible” ear piece for speakers, and you’ll look and sound like the pros do on TV.

Delivery Platform – While Zoom is used by many organizations, there are many others you need to know to get really good and each has their positives and minuses. Get an account on each or share with a friend and get used to each of them. Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Adobe Connect are some of the more popular ones. If you don’t want the expense, make sure you schedule a tech check of at least 30 minutes and run through all your slides to interaction points so they all go off well.

Interaction – just like in person, you need to build in interaction to keep your participants engaged. Use the participant’s names whenever possible, use chat, build in polls, use breakout rooms and if you can – and you partner with the organizers – send out props to play with.

Background – if you don’t have a dedicated room for a background, you’ll want to make sure your space is very well lit so you can use a virtual background. Most platforms integrate with “software cameras” to do a virtual background. Lighter colors and white are best as they light you up the most. Some can even be used without a green screen.

These are a few ways you can up your virtual presentation game. What ways have YOU upped your game? Share them and we will collect them and feature them on social media and maybe also in a future newsletter.

Happy hybrid and virtual presenting!

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