When people join an organization they often ask, what’s in it for me? While that’s a natural question to pose, I challenge you to think where you can give and get involved to get the most out of your membership. We know that making personal connections and getting to know people is what leads to referrals. Having that phone number of an experienced colleague to call when you need to talk through a keynote idea or a cell number to text when you need quick advice. Or maybe just knowing someone you can bounce ideas off of are valuable parts of membership. (Warning: Shameless plug to become part of the Programs Committee next year coming!)

One of my keynotes surrounds my story of playing women’s full tackle football. I encourage people to get off the sidelines and get in the game. So I’m encouraging you as a member to see what opportunities are there to serve by looking through one of two lenses.

#1. What are you already good at and can spend a half an hour a month doing with one hand tied behind your back? Things like helping to post on social media, making a few phone calls to first time or returning guests to our meetings. Or…

#2. What is an area in which you’d like to grow? If you’d like to explore how to get sponsors for those events that “don’t have much of a budget “and want to learn how to ask, consider joining the sponsorships committee to get your feet wet and practice that skill. Or maybe you want to practice your stand-up routine and volunteer to be our in-person emcee or online virtual host for monthly events? By getting involved and sharing in the Spirit of Cavett what you’re already good at or by stretching your professional development muscles by stepping up to just give a little bit of time, you’ll help to keep our strong chapter moving forward. “Many hands makes light work” says an old proverb.

We need many members to step up and just take a small part on committees so that together we can continue forward progress (another football term)! and continue to be an excellent chapter. Now for the shameless plug… As the VP of programs this upcoming year I need folks to pitch in the following areas:

· Speaker Liaison: Pick up speakers from airport and take them to hotel and possibly dinner.

· Opening Slide Deck creation: Update monthly with new sponsors and announcements

· Virtual Host: Be online a few minutes early and welcome the virtual audience

· On-site Emcee: Welcome and keep the monthly meeting flowing in my absence

· Speaker Contact: Reach out to potential presenters, secure agreement, obtain deliverables for their session

Please email leader@janspence.com to discuss ideas or other areas of which you’d like to be a part!

Jan Spence, CSP

NSACF VP of Programs 22-23