Scholarship Form



Approximate age range



A. I have completed the online NSACF Speakers Academy application (Yes or No) If no, then please complete the application using the link below:
B. I have met the qualifications required and have spoken to the Academy Dean to be accepted into the Academy.
C. If I am not selected for the scholarship, I will still consider joining the Academy. There is a payment plan consisting of 3 payments made during the first three months of the Academy and can be paid by credit card or check through the online NSACF store. Link to the store is:
D. I agree to attend the morning NSACF Chapter meetings as well as the afternoon Academy meetings to be fully immersed in learning about the Speaking profession if I am chosen.
E. I commit to fully participate with a mentor, an accountability partner, and a Master Mind group.
F. I agree to complete the “homework” assignments by reading the curriculum module(s) each month along with completing additional required assignments such as a “positioning statement” and a “one-sheet”.
G. I agree to consider attending the National Speakers Association (NSA) annual conference “INFLUENCE” during my Academy year or after I graduate.
H. I agree to serve actively on an NSACF Chapter committee (Membership, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion DEI, Program, Marketing, etc.) or taskforce.
I. I understand I am not required to be chapter member nor an NSA member to apply for the scholarship.
J. I understand there is only ONE scholarship for Fall and ONE for Spring sessions. I may apply a total of 3 times after which if not chosen, I will decide whether to pay for the Academy myself or just attend chapter meetings.
K. I understand I am required to write a 300–500-word essay as a requirement for the scholarship application.
I am committed to learning and growing my business, attending all sessions (only 2 absences allowed to graduate but recording offered), and will remain in good standing with the NSACF chapter and the Speakers Academy.

QUESTIONS? Contact DEAN of the Speakers Academy at