Video is the place to be in marketing and for maximum exposure these days. Particularly, now that we are more digital and virtual than ever! Many of us can record video, edit, and upload from our smartphones straight to YouTube. BUT, you might be missing some steps for the best video expectations.

Here are some crucial items to address when uploading your video to YouTube:

  • When creating your video, make sure you save the video as the actual title you are giving it on YouTube (Google searches can pick it up on searches outside of YouTube).
  • Make sure to create a high resolution thumbnail that is visually appealing and stands out amongst the crowd (The Purple Elephant in the room really gets more views).
  • Make sure to add info cards into the video linking your viewers to other videos on your channel. (The longer they watch, the easier it is to monetize).  
  • Make sure to add a catchy end screen to keep your viewers on your channel. You want to increase viewing time on your page and create a binge watch effect.  (Think Netflix).
  • Make sure to share your video on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.  (Google observes how your video is performing on other platforms).
  • Make sure to pin a comment on your own video with a last minute call to action to encourage engagement, and then make sure to Heart your own comment.  (Yes, I know it looks like you are cheering yourself but Google and YouTube sees this as a Best Practice).
  • Make sure to add captions and if you can, multiple languages (you may never know who is watching).
  • Try to publish your video in the morning where most of your audience lives or a few hours before your peak traffic hours.